Market jumps on science, not junk science

May 18 – The market got what it wanted with the news that the trial of the vaccine being developed by Moderna has shown initial promising results.

The news, coupled with the news that the country is opening back up, is leading people to believe that the worst is past and on the way to normalcy.

Whether that is true is another question. While New York, California, and some other areas may have seen the worst, other parts of the country have not.

So, this could be a summer of false sense of security, leading to gains in the stock market before a potential drop in the fall. Early one there were reports that with warmer weather the virus may decline. A more recent story is that Vitamin D deficiency can play a role in the severity of the virus, meaning it could be the sun rather than the heat that helps.

While Moderna was at the top of the news as a long-term solutions and Vitamin D was being offered as potential short-term help, the political news of the day was that Trump was taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive treatment for coronavirus.

Perhaps Trump should be taking Vitamin D and encouraging the public to do so, or at least that people go outside and get a little sun. That truly wouldn’t hurt most people, is cheap, and could be effective. But that would overshadow previous portion of hydroxychloroquine and makes one wonder if there is more to the story of the promotion of a potentially discredited approach.

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